What are my route choices?

The BCB 100 will consist of five (5) routes:

  • 15 miles
  • 40 miles
  • 62 miles (also known as a “Metric Century”)
  • 100 miles (our signature event known as the “Century”)

Once the routes have been finalized, they will be posted in the Ride Center: Routes along with cue sheets noting each turn on the route. Directions will also be available to download with Ride with GPS. In addition, the routes will be well marked on the course itself.

When and where does the ride start?

All routes will start in the same location, outside FedExForum at 4th Street and Church in front of Church Park.

The Ride to Fight On will have staggered start times and corrals by distance and rider capabilities. Riders will be lined up by classification of rider being a Pro/Elite, A, B, or C-D rider.  We ask that you are in your corral at least 15 minutes prior to your designated distance time start. 

Please visit the Event Detailsfor more information.

Which route is right for me, how much should I train, and do I have to ride that route once I commit?

We encourage you to register for a route that you are physically comfortable riding. Each rider should know and understand his/her own capabilities. For the longer distances, including the 62 miler, the Century (100 miler)we strongly encourage you to train for such a distance. The course limit is 8 1/2 hours so you must be able to complete your distance of choice by 4:00 pm or rolling SAGS will pick you up from the course. 

How far do we have to ride at once, and what is a SAG?

We will have (6) SAG stops (Support and Gear / Supplies and Gear / Stop and Go) set up along the routes.  Your first two SAGs are 10 miles apart and the next ones are approximately 20 miles apart. These SAGS are where you can rest, have some fun, get some food, beverages, mechanical help, and medical attention before you hit the road again. We will also have rolling SAG vehicles that will patrol the route to provide assisTance, if necessary. 

What will the actual ride be like? Are there mountains and hills to climb?

Our routes are both scenic and at times challenging, especially the longer routes. Our little corner of the state is fairly flat however, our course has what we consider some fairly large hills to climb and ride down. Typically the roads we ride on are in good condition, but there are some that are not as smooth as you may like. You should be alert at all times, as there are always small bumps and holes in the roads. There will be riders of all levels, so at times you may be passed and other times you may pass a rider or two.Please check the Ride Center: Routes page to see elevation charts to better understand the topography.

Do I have to abide by the Tennessee cycling laws?

Of course you do have to abide by the law. The Ride to Fight On also has some of its own rules to make sure everyone has a safe and fun ride. You can find rules in the Ride Center: Safety section.

Do I have to wear a helmet and can I have ear-phones?

No exceptions you must wear a helmet.  No headphones are allowed for safety reasons. 

How old do I have to be to ride?

You must be at least 13 years or older to ride. All minors must have a liability release form signed by a legal guardian to participate.

Can I ride my tandem bicycle in BCB 100?

Yes, but each Rider on the tandem bicycle must register separately. 

Is this event rain-or-shine?

Yes, event goes on rain or shine.  Only in severe weather will the event be cancelled. 

What is the BCB100 Training Team, and how do I join?

This will be the 67h year the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club will have a Training Team. They have trained over 400 riders to complete 100 mile or "Century" rides as well as the 62 mile ride. The Training Team has a limited number of spaces available. If you would like to join the training team make sure you sign up today! Go to the BCB 100 Training Team page to learn more.

Your $165 team membership fee includes:

  • 23 Training Rides (you don't have to attend all)
  • Ride To Fight On Entry Fee
  • Bluff City Blues Training Team Jersey
  • Bluff City Blues Training Team T-shirt
  • Support and Gear (SAG) Stops
  • Seminars
  • Pre-ride Dinner
  • Fundraising Incentives