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Shelby Forest General Store

Closes at 3:15 pm

The first SAG stop for everyone is the Shelby Forest General Store.  It is also the last stop on the way back if you decide to do forty miles or more.  The owner loves having all the cyslists come by his store all year, but especially for the Bluff City Blues Ride.

BCB 20 Mile Route:  SAG #1

BCB 40 Mile Route:  SAG#1 & #3

BCB Metric Route:  SAG#1 & #5

BCB Century Route:  SAG #1 & #7


West Union Church

Closes at 2:15 pm

Want to have an Elvis sighting? Then you need to decide to do at least forty miles. Yep, that’s right! Come on by SAG #2 to get your picture with Elvis and get entertained as he sings for you. If you decide to do the metric or imperial century and it’s busy, don’t worry. You come back to this SAG on your return.

BCB 40 Mile Route:  SAG#2

BCB Metric Route:  SAG#2 & #4

BCB Century Route:  SAG #2 & #6


Glenn Springs Lake

Closes at 10:15 am

This is a great place for a picture as you look out over the lake as you refresh and replenish before taking off again.  If you are doing the metric century, this is where you start to head back home.  Doing the full imperial, 100 miles?  Keep going!

BCB Metric Route:  SAG#3

BCB Century Route:  SAG #3


Holly Grove Baptist Church

Closes at 11:30 am

Only the 100 milers will visit here.  This is a refresh station as you continue on your way!

BCB Century Route:  SAG #4


Randolph Landing

Closes at 12:45 pm

Again, only the 100 milers will visit here.  Do you want a view over the Mississippi River?  This is where you get to have that opportunity from the banks overlooking Ole Man River!

BCB Century Route:  SAG #5