Course & SAG


All courses for the Bluff City Blues ride close at 4:00 pm.  Anyone on the course after this time will be offered the option to travel back to the finish line via a SAG vehicle or to continue with no further support.  The SAG stops all have times that they will close and are listed here.

Cue Sheets

Basic Info


It is easy to follow a Memphis Hightailers route.  We mark each route a different color, and if you pick up a cue sheet during check in, then the color of the cue sheet will match the route you have chosen to complete.
  • 20 Mile Route – Green
  • 40 Mile Route – White
  • Metric Century – Pink
  • Imperial Century – Orange

It is easy to follow a Memphis Hightailers route with our easy to follow route markings.  They are colored by route, and your cue sheet color matches your route.

The markings as shown, is a circle with a line coming from it.  The line determines the direction youwill take:  Left, Right, Straight, Etc.  There are usually at least two sets of markings on the approach to the intersection where required.  On a faster section of road, or a downhill, there are usually three sets of markings before the turn.

Once you have proceeded through the intersection, there will be a confirmation marker for the route you are completing.  If you don’t see a confirmation marker just after the intersection, double check that you are correct as you may have missed the correct direction to go.